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Restrict access to the unwanted while giving control to the people you know and trust.

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Controlling building access is essential for protecting businesses assets.

Intrusion Detection Service

Intrusion Detection comprises of surveillance systems, alarms and security camera systems.

Complete Business Protection Starts With Capital Alarm Inc.

Tired of unwanted visitors or constantly scared of someone breaking in and stealing all your data or thinking about employing someone to guard your office or commercial space? Worry not, and do not think further. Capital offers you an innovative and a superior security solution. The search for the finest security service ends with us. We have been providing these services in Canada for over a decade and have created a buzz in the market. Our engineers have designed an effective Intrusion Detection system so that you can put to rest your fear of loss. Our services have many features include burglar alarm systems, perimeter security solutions and Intrusion detection systems.

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The intrusion detection comprises of the home surveillance systems, alarm for home security and security camera systems which ensures overall protection of your business and home from all kinds of thefts or mischief’s. All these security measures have a common goal to help you protect your assets and loved ones. Our services are advanced, yet affordable. We continue to find smarter ways to protect our customers and are dedicated to provide the best service and user friendly systems which will offer you years of trouble free use and peace of mind. To see the magic for yourself,schedule a free assessment today.

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