Fire, Heat & Smoke Solutions

  • Instantly safeguard your home from fire danger
  • Advanced system capable of heat and smoke detection
  • Top quality and sophisticated technology
  • Fire alarm triggering that alerts of any danger
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Capital Alarm Home Fire Detection

In our attempt to provide our customers safer environments, our team has come up with an integrated fire detection system. We believe in prevention rather than cure, and so do our products. The fire detection system continuously monitors your home and reacts as soon as there is a hint of fire, smoke or an increase in heat.

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Protection That Let's You Sleep At Night..

Fire detection devices have fire alarms which immediately come into play when they detect any sign of danger. The smoke detection system has built in smoke detectors which instantly get activated if there is a sign of smoke inside the house. The heat detection system is equipped with small heat detectors that alert you in case of any sudden increase in the temperature of your home. The fire detection devices have been designed meticulously with advanced technology so that even the slightest hint of fire immediately activates the alarms. The fire detectors are of the finest quality and use the most sophisticated technology in the market today, ensuring protection of your valuables from any fire hazard. For the safety of your future, give us a call or drop us a message.