Access Control

Capital Alarm Security Services - Card Access & Access Controls

Security starts at your door

Proximity Card Readers

Restrict access to the restricted while giving control to the people you trust.

Building Protection

Ask us about our total business protection plans and what we can do for you.

Entry and Exit Devices

Controlling building access is essential for protecting businesses assets.

Electric Strikes

An electric strike enables the electrical release of a locked mechanical latch or bolt..

Mag Locks

Looking to add automated locking/unlocking to doors in your building ? No Problem.

Voice Communication

Instant voice communication with the push of a button technology.

Complete Business Protection Starts With Capital Alarm Inc.

At Capital, we offer a full range of access control solutions that will let you restrict access to certain areas of your building and completely deny access to unwanted visitors. These systems have been proven to increase productivity and substantially reduce loss. With an access control system, security starts at your door.

Business Security Solutions by Capital Alarm Inc  Ottawa, Ontario

We are dedicated to design the finest products, which are user friendly and easy to maintain and provide regular service checks to ensure customer satisfaction.

Concerned with the rising crime rate, we have made protection of our costumers’ assets our top priority and introduced a new set of Business Security Systems. Backed with our strong technical team and an excellent customer service department , we offer an extensive range of security services that covers a wide variety of protections including video surveillance systems, temperature monitoring, fire-heat and smoke detection systems and so much more...

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